1. MSRI- [HYBRID WORKSHOP] Integrable Structures in Random Matrix Theory and Beyond
  2. Fields- Mini-course and Workshop on Truncated Toeplitz Operators
  3. Birs- 21w5117: Real Polynomials: Counting and Stability (Online)
  4. Birs- 21w5154: Mathematics of the Cell: Integrating Signaling, Transport and Mechanics
  5. Simons- Simons Collaboration on Global Categorical Symmetries
  6. Fields- Special Lecture in Honor of Angus Macintyre's 80th birthday
  7. Fields- Mini-course and Workshop on Operators on Function Spaces
  8. Birs- 21w5011: Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups: Duality, Stability, and Computations
  9. Fields- Mini-course and Workshop on de Branges-Rovnyak Spaces
  10. Birs- 21w5205: Lattices and Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups: Geometric and Computational Viewpoints (Online)
  11. Fields- 2021-2022 Quantitative Finance Seminar
  12. Fields- Fields-CFI Bootcamp on Machine Learning for Quantitative Finance
  13. Fields- Mini-course and Workshop on Bounded Mean Oscillation
  14. Fields- Cyclic Cohomology at 40: achievements and future prospects
  15. Birs- 21w5225: Modeling and Computational Approaches to Individual and Collective Cell Movement in Complex Environments (Online)
  16. Birs- 21w5503: Singularity Formation in Nonlinear PDEs (Online)
  17. Birs- 21w5005: Connecting Network Structure to its Dynamics: Fantasy or Reality? (Online)
  18. Simons- Della Pietra 2021-2022
  19. Simons- Workshop: Geometry of (S)QFT
  20. Fields- Mini-course and Workshop on Riesz Bases, Frames, Signal Processing
  21. Birs- 21w5511: Permutations and Probability
  22. Fields- Colloquium on Mathematics for Public Health
  23. Fields- Fields Postdoc Colloquium
  24. Fields- Advanced Course I: Schramm Loewner Evolution and Lattice Models
  25. Fields- Advanced Course II: Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space of Analytic Functions
  26. Fields- Fields Academy Shared Graduate Course: Mining Complex Networks
  27. Fields- Topics in Pure Model Theory
  28. Fields- Topics in Applied Model Theory
  29. Fields- Mini-course and Workshop on Interpolation and Sampling
  30. Fields- Fields Academy Shared Graduate Course: Markov Chains and Random Walks
  31. Fields- Fields Academy Shared Graduate Course: Topics in Numerical Analysis
  32. Fields- Fields Academy Shared Graduate Course: Topological Galois Theory
  33. Birs- 21w5127: New Trends in Nonlinear Diffusion: a Bridge between PDEs, Analysis and Geometry (Online)
  34. Birs- 21w5100: Nonlinear Potential Theoretic Methods in Partial Differential Equations (Online)
  35. Simons- Workshop: Tau Functions, Correlation Functions and Applications
  36. Simons- Program: Probability, integrability, and conformal invariance
  37. MSRI- [HYBRID WORKSHOP] Connections and Introductory Workshop: Universality and Integrability in Random Matrix Theory and Interacting Particle Systems, Part 1
  38. Fields- Workshop on Algebraic Graph Theory and Quantum Information
  39. Birs- 21w5065: Bound-Preserving Space and Time Discretizations for Convection-Dominated Problems (Online)
  40. Birs- 21w5108: Random Graphs and Statistical Inference: New Methods and Applications (Online)
  41. Birs- 21w5151: Totally Disconnected Locally Compact Groups via Group Actions (Online)
  42. Fields- Workshop on Trends in Pure and Applied Model Theory
  43. Fields- Optimization: Theory, Algorithms, Applications Lecture Series
  44. Mathtube- PRIMA 2021 Summer School: Rational curves and moduli spaces in arithmetic geometry
  45. Birs- 21w5110: New Mechanisms for Regularity, Singularity, and Long Time Dynamics in Fluid Equations (Online)
  46. Birs- 21w5124: Multivariable Operator Theory and Function Spaces in several Variables (Online)
  47. MSRI- Random Conformal Geometry (Virtual School)
  48. Fields- Model Theory Seminar
  49. Fields- Mini-course and Workshop on Bergman Spaces
  50. Simons- 2021 Simons Summer Workshop