1. Fields- MathEd Forum: February 24, 2024
  2. Birs- 24w5214: Computational Complexity of Statistical Inference
  3. Fields- Mini Course: Measured group theory - Romain Tessera
  4. Birs- 24w5301: Structured Machine Learning and Time–Stepping for Dynamical Systems
  5. Birs- 24w5284: Statistical Aspects of Trustworthy Machine Learning
  6. Fields- 2023-2024 Algebraic Combinatorics Seminar
  7. Fields- Mini Course: Yang-Mills - Sourav Chatterjee, Sky Cao, Arka Adhikari
  8. Birs- 24w4002: New Directions in Rational Points
  9. Birs- 24htp001: Modeling and Theory in Population Biology
  10. Birs- 24w5224: Exponential fields
  11. Fields- Mini Course: Dynamics of Group Actions - Kathryn Mann
  12. Birs- 24w5160: Bridging Statistical Strategies for Censored Covariates
  13. Birs- 24w5266: Higher Segal Spaces and their Applications
  14. Fields- Mini Course: Random walks on groups and the rapid decay property - Indira Chatterji
  15. Birs- 24w5237: Randomness and Quasiperiodicity in Mathematical Physics
  16. Fields- Mini Course: Quasi-Isometric Rigidity - Tullia Dymarz
  17. Fields- Graduate Course: Equidistribution and mixing for the geodesic flows of surfaces - Professor Francois Labourie
  18. Fields- Randomness and Geometry Seminar
  19. Fields- Fields Academy Shared Graduate Course: Algebraic Graph Theory and Quantum Computing
  20. Birs- 23w5009: Harnessing the Power of Latent Structure Models and Modern Big Data learning
  21. Birs- 24w5302: Community in Algebraic and Enumerative Combinatorics
  22. Birs- 23w5111: Vortex Dynamics: the Crossroads of Mathematics, Physics and Applications
  23. Fields- Coxeter Lecture Series: Alain Connes
  24. Fields- 2023-2024 Geometric Analysis Colloquium
  25. Fields- Workshop on Operator Algebras and Applications: Non-Commutative Geometry
  26. Birs- 23w5091: Subfactors and Fusion (2-)Categories
  27. Fields- Fields Academy Shared Graduate Course: Introduction to Random Walks on Groups
  28. Birs- 23w5017: Spaces of Manifolds: Algebraic and Geometric Approaches
  29. Fields- Workshop on Monetary Policy and Income Distribution
  30. Fields- Special Fields Colloquium
  31. Birs- 23w5063: Arthur Packets
  32. Birs- 23w5053: Harmonic Analysis and Convexity
  33. Fields- Fields MfPH - Career Networking and Industry Partnership Event
  34. Fields- Workshop on Operator Algebras and Applications: Free Probability
  35. Birs- 23w5151: The Canadian Network for Modelling Infectious Diseases
  36. Fields- 2023-2024 Fields Number Theory Seminar
  37. Birs- 23w5020: Infinite Dimensional Geometry and Fluids
  38. Fields- MathEd Forum: October 28, 2023
  39. Birs- 23w5039: Recursion Theory and its Applications
  40. Birs- 23w5043: Lagrangian Multiform Theory and Pluri-Lagrangian Systems
  41. Birs- 23w5094: Astrostatistics in Canada and Beyond
  42. Fields- 2023-2024 Applied Mathematics Colloquium
  43. Birs- 23w5058: The Mathematics and Physics of Moire Superlattices
  44. Mathtube- UBC Number Theory Seminar
  45. Fields- 2023-2024 MfPH Next Generation Seminar Series
  46. Fields- 2023-2024 Quantitative Finance Seminar
  47. Fields- 2023 Fields Medal Symposium: Caucher Birkar
  48. Birs- 23w5068: Complex Lagrangians, Mirror Symmetry, and Quantization
  49. Fields- 2023-2024 Toronto Probability Seminar
  50. Fields- 2023-2024 Geometric Structures Laboratory