1. Fields- Canadian Number Theory Association XVI (CNTA XVI)
  2. Birs- 24w5264: On the Interface of Geometric Measure Theory and Harmonic Analysis
  3. Fields- SCHOLAR II - A Scientific Celebration Highlighting Open Lines of Arithmetic Research
  4. Fields- Mini Course: Boundaries of Groups - Kim Ruane
  5. Fields- Workshop on Computational and Applied Enumerative Geometry
  6. Birs- 24w5283: Bridging Prediction and Intervention Problems in Social Systems
  7. Birs- 24w5254: Advances in Hierarchical Hyperbolicity
  8. Fields- Mini Course: Ribbon concordance and the Markov equation - Ian Agol
  9. Fields- Mini Course: Geometry of self-conformal sets and measures - Sascha Troscheit
  10. Fields- Nonlinear Days 2024: Dynamics of Group Actions and Random Walks on Groups
  11. Birs- 24w5263: Analysis of Complex Data: Tensors, Networks and Dynamic Systems
  12. Birs- 24w5201: Skew Braces, Braids and the Yang-Baxter Equation
  13. Fields- Mini Course: CAT(0) Cube Complexes and the Furstenberg-Poisson Boundary - Talia Fernós
  14. Fields- Mini Course: Random covers of graphs and surfaces - Doron Puder
  15. Birs- 24w5212: Building and Enhancing Mathematical Reasoning
  16. Fields- Fields-CFI Bootcamp on Machine Learning for Finance, 2024
  17. Fields- Mini Course: Counting curves on surfaces - Viveka Erlandsson
  18. Birs- 24w5227: Modern Methods for Differential Equations of Quantum Mechanics
  19. Fields- Mini Course: Universality and dimension dependence of critical phenomena: A case study on long-range percolation - Tom Hutchcroft
  20. Birs- 24w5300: Bootstrap Percolation and its Applications
  21. Fields- Mini Course: Random walks on hyperbolic-like groups - Alessandro Sisto
  22. Birs- 24w5241: Representation Theory and Topological Data Analysis
  23. Fields- Coxeter Lecture Series: Hugo Duminil-Copin
  24. Fields- Mini Course: Meanders & Meandric systems - Jacopo Borga
  25. Birs- 24w5217: Knot Theory Informed by Random Models and Experimental Data
  26. Birs- 24w2021: Combinatorial Optimization for Online Platforms
  27. Fields- Public Lectures: Giulio Tiozzo
  28. Fields- Mini Course: First Passage Percolation - Riddhipratim Basu
  29. Birs- 24w5226: Recent advances in Comparison Geometry
  30. Birs- 24w2020: Alberta Number Theory Days XV
  31. Birs- 24w5163: Optimal Transport and Distributional Robustness
  32. Fields- Workshop on New Directions in Conformal Field Theory
  33. Birs- 24w5267: The Crossroads of Topology, Combinatorics and Biosciences
  34. Fields- Mini Course: Liouville Quantum Gravity - Ewain Gwynne, Morris Ang, Konstantinos Kavvadias
  35. Birs- 24w5280: Algorithmic Structures for Uncoordinated Communications and Statistical Inference in Exceedingly Large Spaces
  36. Fields- Mini Course: Renormalized volume in finite and infinite dimensions - Ken Bromberg and Martin Bridgeman
  37. Fields- Workshop KPZ meets KPZ
  38. Birs- 24w5259: Fundamental Limitations to Quantum Computation
  39. Fields- MathEd Forum: February 24, 2024
  40. Birs- 24w5214: Computational Complexity of Statistical Inference
  41. Fields- Mini Course: Measured group theory - Romain Tessera
  42. Birs- 24w5301: Structured Machine Learning and Time–Stepping for Dynamical Systems
  43. Birs- 24w5284: Statistical Aspects of Trustworthy Machine Learning
  44. Fields- 2023-2024 Algebraic Combinatorics Seminar
  45. Fields- Mini Course: Yang-Mills - Sourav Chatterjee, Sky Cao, Arka Adhikari
  46. Birs- 24w4002: New Directions in Rational Points
  47. Birs- 24htp001: Modeling and Theory in Population Biology
  48. Birs- 24w5224: Exponential fields
  49. Fields- Mini Course: Dynamics of Group Actions - Kathryn Mann
  50. Birs- 24w5160: Bridging Statistical Strategies for Censored Covariates