1. Fields- Graduate Course on the Dynamics and Structure of Transformation Groups
  2. Fields- Workshop on the Geometry and Dynamics of Groups of Transformations
  3. Fields- Fields Academy Shared Graduate Course: Automorphic Forms and Representation Theory: an introduction to the Langlands Program
  4. Birs- 23w5079: The Mathematics of Microbial Evolution
  5. Birs- 23w5134: Arithmetic Aspects of Deformation Theory
  6. Simons- Program: Hyperkahler quotients, singularities, and quivers
  7. Mathtube- ULethbridge Distinguished Speaker Series
  8. Fields- Graduate Course on Set Theory, Algebra and Analysis
  9. Fields- Workshop on Lie Groups, Singular Spaces, and Higher Structures
  10. Simons- Workshop: Birational Complexity of Algebraic Varieties
  11. Mathtube- Online working seminar in Ergodic Theory
  12. Simons- Workshop: RTG/SCGP Graduate Workshop on the Birational Complexity of Algebraic Varieties
  13. Fields- 2022-2023 Seminar on Mathematical Models and Data Science
  14. Fields- Workshop on Recent Advances in Optimization
  15. Fields- Workshop on Advances in Mathematical Ecology
  16. Birs- 22w5022: Toric Degenerations
  17. Birs- 22w5057: Topics in Multiple Time Scale Dynamics
  18. Birs- 22w5178: Langlands Program: Number Theory and Representation Theory
  19. Fields- 2022-2023 Machine Learning Advances and Applications Seminar
  20. Fields- 2022-2023 Applied Mathematics Colloquium
  21. Fields- 2022-2023 Colloquium on Mathematics for Public Health
  22. Birs- 22w5080: Smooth Functions on Rough Spaces and Fractals with Connections to Curvature Functional Inequalities
  23. Simons- Workshop: Computational Differential Geometry and it's Applications in Physics
  24. Fields- Workshop on Aspects of Ricci Curvature Bounds
  25. Birs- 22w5004: Analytic and Probabilistic Combinatorics
  26. Birs- 22w5185: Learning in Networks: Performance Limits and Algorithms
  27. Birs- 22w2003: L-functions in Analytic Number Theory
  28. Birs- 22w5101: Recent Progress in Kinetic and Integro-Differential Equations
  29. Birs- 22w5186: Mathematics and Statistics of Genomic Epidemiology
  30. Simons- Program: Number Theory And Physics
  31. Simons- Workshop: Supersymmetric Black Holes, Holography and Microstate Counting
  32. Fields- Mathematics for Public Health Festival (MfPHest)
  33. Fields- 2022-2023 GANITA Seminar
  34. Birs- 22w5169: Kinetic Equations: Recent Developments and Novel Applications
  35. Birs- 22w5065: Topology in Dimension 4.5
  36. Simons- Della Pietra 2022-2023
  37. Simons- Workshop: Number Theory And Physics
  38. Mathtube- Online working seminar in Ergodic Theory, University of Utah Seminar in Ergodic Theory
  39. Fields- 2022-2023 Algebraic Combinatorics Seminar
  40. Fields- 2022-2023 Fields Number Theory Seminar
  41. Fields- 2022-2023 Geometric Structures Laboratory
  42. Fields- 2022-2023 Toronto Probability Seminar
  43. Birs- 22w5118: New Ideas in Computational Inverse Problems
  44. Birs- 22w5171: Using Quantum Invariants to do Interesting Topology
  45. Simons- Workshop: 5d N=1 SCFTs and Gauge Theories on Brane Webs
  46. Fields- 2022 Fields Medal Symposium: Akshay Venkatesh
  47. Fields- 2021 CRM-Fields-PIMS Prize Lecture: Andrew Granville
  48. Birs- 22w5179: Multiscale Modeling of Plant Growth, Pattern Formation and Actuation
  49. Birs- 22w5143: Interactions between Hessenberg Varieties, Chromatic Functions, and LLT Polynomials
  50. Mathtube- L-Functions in Analytic Number Theory Seminar